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Australian Decemberists Fans

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-by iwaswrongforyou

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decemberists are nerd love
-by ohnoes_grafix

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Date Created:19-10-2005
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This is an Australian community for those people who have either never heard of the Decemberists and want to get a taste of what they're like (ordering albums and stuff into Australia is often difficult and annoying) or for people who are already fans to discuss the music and embark on an ambitious campaign to get the Decemberists over here to Australia for a tour (eventually)
Strengths: We're the youth and beauty brigade
Weaknesses: We're the Castaways and Cutouts
Special Skills: Can read into any Decemberists song
Weapons: A stereo system, CD player or ipod and the internet
Things to post:
Links to good interviews
Links to downloads of Decemberists songs
Info about yourself and why you like the Decemberists
News about the Decemberists
What you think certain lyrics mean
The likelyhood of The Decemberists touring Australia
Their musical talent

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Lyrics of the moment:
And as she sits upon her place
her innocence laid on her face
from all atop the parapets blow a multitude of coronets
melodies rhapsodical and fair
and all our hearts afire
the sky ablaze with cannon fire
we all raise our voices to the air
to the air...
- The Infanta (from Picaresque)